Degafloor vs MMA Resin Flooring Systems

Not all fast curing resin flooring systems are the same...

Degafloor Ltd is totally dedicated to the development and supply of innovative fast curing resin solutions. The systems we supply today, which are predominantly based on methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin technology, have been developed over many years to offer unrivalled performance in today's demanding environment.

All of our resins are sourced from our partner Röhm (formerly Evonik Industries) who are a leading manufacturer of bulk MMA resins and speciality acrylics (engineered solutions for specific market needs). The resins we currently use reflect Evonik Industries' 40+ years experience in the supply of MMA resins to the flooring industry.

When comparing Degafloor to competitor offerings, the following should be considered;

No other fast curing resin flooring company has the resources, heritage, support and product integrity we can offer, making Degafloor the risk free, best value solution available.

Degafloor - Often mimicked, never bettered!

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