Take a first look: Degafill™ Road Pothole Repair video


Our brand new video for Degafill™ – the permanent road pothole repair solution has launched on YouTube. Within it, you can see how the Degafill™ kit works on road potholes, why it’s quick and easy to use and how it’s effective. In addition, all Degafill™ kits come with a 5-year warranty.

Degafill™ is an ultra-fast curing (fully cured and trafficable within 20 minutes of installation) that’s an effective and reliable permanent road pothole repair solution for driveways, car parks, roads and highways.

It is totally impervious so it will not suffer freeze/thaw damage and failure and comes with exceptional chemical resistance which means it is suitable for use with road salts often used within the colder months when the roads become slippery, dangerous and more likely to disintegrate.

The Degafill kit is based on high-performance methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin. As a result, this allows the Degafill kit to bond chemically to the existing asphalt or tarmac in just 20 minutes resulting in unrivalled strength and durability.

Take a look at our video to see how the Degafill™ pothole repair kit works.

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Download the Degafill™ Datasheet here.

For more detailed information, please visit its own dedicated website www.Degafill.com or click here to purchase directly from our Degafloor shop.