Take a first look: Degafill™ Road Pothole Repair video

Our brand new video for Degafill™ – the permanent road pothole repair solution has launched on YouTube. Within it, you can see how the Degafill™ kit works on road potholes, why it’s quick and easy to use and how it’s effective. In addition, all Degafill™ kits come with a 5 year warranty.

Degafill™ is an ultra-fast curing, permanent road pothole repair solution for driveways, car parks, roads and highways. The Degafill kit is based on high performance methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin. As a result, this allows the Degafill kit to bond chemically to the existing asphalt or tarmac in just 20 minutes resulting in unrivalled strength and durability.

For more information, see the Degafill™ product page.

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Download the Degafill™ Datasheet here.


Degafloor would like to give big thank you to Ren at Davodovs Media for shooting the video.