Degafill™ Permanent Pothole Repair

Permanent pothole repair solutions for all car parks, roads and highways

Degafill™ is an ultra-fast curing, permanent pothole repair solution for driveways, car parks, roads and highways.

Based on high performance methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin, Degafill bonds chemically to the existing asphalt or tarmac in just 20 minutes – delivering unrivalled strength and durability.

Eliminating the need to refill potholes year after year, our permanent pothole repair solution is designed to last. Each kit comes with a 5 year warranty.

Weather-proof solution

The Degafill permanent pothole repair solution withstands the inevitable thermal movement of road surfaces throughout the year without compromising the strength and integrity of the bond to the surrounding area.

Permanent pothole repair – the process

Whatever the weather, whatever the size of pothole – it will be fixed in 4 simple steps and fully trafficable within 20 minutes after completion:

  1. Sweep the pothole out (water can be left in it – even if its full, and no cut out required)
  2. Mix the Degafill pothole repair kit components together in the bucket provided
  3. Pour the mixture in and smooth out
  4. Sprinkle additional aggregates on top if required

Take a look at our Degafill™ Video.

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The Degafill™ permanent pothole repair solution is:
  • Permanent pothole repair solution – no need to fix again year after year
  • Ultra-fast curing – trafficable within 20 minutes
  • No need to prime, minimal preparation, outstanding longevity, no need to cut back (which makes the hole even bigger)
  • Cold applied – none of the health and safety issues associated with hot trades – no big vehicles required and minimised environmental impact
  • Strong chemical bond to asphalt and concrete
  • Covered by a 5 year warranty
  • Minimum tools required, no need to compact; available in bulk and kit form
  • Crack-free performance and colour stability all year round
  • Totally impervious
  • Excellent UV light and thermal resistance
  • Weather-proof – will not suffer freeze / thaw damage

Buy Degafill™ in our online shop

Degafill is the perfect permanent pothole repair solution for use on driveways, car parks and on major roads and highways. It can be installed rapidly by just one man using minimal equipment, therefore avoiding the cost associated with alternative systems which can require the use of hot works and expensive equipment.
  • Car parks
  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Driveways
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