Quartz Trowelled System

Hardwearing MMA flooring system

The Degafloor Quartz Trowelled (QT) System is a heavy duty decorative methyl methacrylate (MMA) screed that’s trowel-applied and fast curing. It’s ideal for demanding environments that require a decorative finish.

The QT System uses quartz aggregate within clear resin binders within the bodycoat, creating MMA flooring which looks great and delivers outstanding performance. Both the QT and QTA systems are trowel-applied, making them ideal for use onto ramps or when creating falls to drainage.

The lightly textured, decorative finish and superb durability of the QT System make it an ideal specification for pubs and clubs, corridors and other demanding dry areas.

The resin flooring system

Quartz Trowelled MMA flooring is installed onto the prepared substrate in three stages; primer, bodycoat mixed with quartz aggregate (trowel applied) and a protective seal coat. Laid at 4-6mm thick, the Quartz Trowelled System is suitable for Medium to Heavy Duty areas.

For a heavy duty methyl methacrylate flooring with a slip resistant finish, Degafloor’s Quartz Trowelled with Aggregate (QTA) System is an ideal specification. QTA has the same visual appeal as the Quartz Trowelled System but with quartz aggregate both within and broadcasted on top of the bodycoat.

Resin flooring installers

Degafloor have a UK-wide network of Approved Installers who are highly trained and experienced in Degafloor MMA flooring.

The Quartz Trowelled System is:
  • Rapid installation – fully cured within 2 hours at temperatures down to -30°C
  • Exceptional bond to existing subfloors
  • Seamless and impermeable surface without pinholes or air bubbles
  • Tailored decorative slip resistant finishes
  • Typically laid at 4-6mm thick
  • Ultra-fast curing
  • Suitable for Medium to Heavy Duty areas
  • Laid in three stages – primer, bodycoat and a protective seal
  • The ideal specification for dry, demanding areas
  • Exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean – a totally seamless finish without joints or grout lines
  • Excellent resistance to physical and chemical attack
  • Resistant to UV light, weathering and temperatures up to 80°C
Suitable for heavily trafficked dry areas in a range of sectors, such as:
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Corridors
  • Custodial and prisons
  • Dry stock rooms
  • Warehousing and distribution facilities

Degafloor’s Quartz Trowelled MMA flooring system is available in a wide range of standard colours. Bespoke mixes to match branding, interior design schemes or existing flooring are also available upon request.

Degafloor Ocean Blue Ocean Blue
Degafloor Autumn Green Autumn Green
Degafloor Saffron Yellow Saffron Yellow
Degafloor Russet Red Russet Red
Degafloor Cornflower Blue Cornflower Blue
Degafloor Seal Grey Seal Grey
Degafloor Mussel Grey Mussel Grey
Degafloor Oyster Grey Oyster Grey
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