Coving System

Coving System by Degafloor

Degafloor CP Coving System 200 is a ready to use pre-thickened coving paste, used for forming coving to match Degafloor flooring systems. The coving details forms a watertight barrier between the wall and the floor, coving is recommended for any areas where regular wash down occurs.

Degafloor CP 200 can achieve a thickness of up to 10 mm in a single application. A 30 kg formulation can achieve approximately 18-20 m of coving at 100mm high.

The Coving System is especially useful within the Drink and Food Manufacturing industry where the environment is demanding and the flooring needs to be anti-slip, hardwearing, and hygienic

The Coving System is suitable with many of Degafloors internal resin flooring systems. For more information on the types of flooring, we offer, please visit our Resin Flooring Systems page.

We also supply a 5-year Warranty pothole repair product, Degafill, which is designed for repairs within asphalt which is currently going through the HAPAS process. This can be purchased from the Degafloor shop.


Resin flooring installers

Degafloor have a UK-wide network of Approved Installers who are highly trained and experienced in External Balcony and Walkway Systems.


All fully cured Degafloor systems are totally inert and do not create a hazard to the environment in use or during end of life disposal. Full environmental product declarations, in line with ISO 14025 and EN 15804, are available on request

Features and benefits include:
  • Fully cured in less than one hour even at temperatures down to -20oC
  • Exceptional bond to existing subfloors
  • Seamless and impermeable surface without pinholes or air bubbles
  • Exceptional resistance to physical and chemical attack
  • Available in a wide range of decorative finishes
  • Resistant to UV light, weathering and temperatures up to 80°C
The finish of the Degafloor CP Coving System 200 coving can be matched to all Degafloor internal resin flooring systems:
  • Flake System
  • Quartz Trowelled System
  • Extra Hard System
  • Full Broadcast System
  • Freeflow System
  • Seal System
Case Studies

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