Freeflow Flooring System

Self-levelling resin flooring system

The Degafloor Freeflow System is ultra-fast curing, methyl methacrylate (MMA) self-levelling resin flooring with a smooth, durable finish.

The ultra-fast cure time, a wide array of vibrant colour choices and totally smooth nature of the Freeflow System make this self-levelling resin flooring a particularly popular choice for area demarcation.

The Freeflow System is the ideal specification for installations where colour differentiation and demarcation between areas is important, such as manufacturing areas, engineering facilities, healthcare and pharmaceutical environments and warehouses.

Degafloor’s Freeflow System is an incredibly Durable fully encapsulated system. The Physical and chemical resistant properties make it suitable for the most demanding of areas.

Technical information

The Freeflow self-levelling resin flooring system is installed onto the prepared substrate in three stages: primer, body coat, and a protective seal coat. Laid at 4mm thick, the Freeflow System is suitable for Medium to Heavy Duty areas.

In environments where enhanced slip resistance is crucial, the Degafloor Freeflow self-levelling resin flooring can be easily tailored. Additives such as Polybead can be added within the final seal coats, delivering the performance required whilst maintaining aesthetics.

Resin flooring installers

Degafloor has a UK-wide network of Approved Installers who are highly trained and experienced in Degafloor MMA. One of our Approved Installers who specialise in self-levelling resin flooring is The National Flooring Company, however, we advise our clients to get in touch as there may be someone else more suited to your needs that we can recommend.

If you want to learn more, you can take a look at some of our product videos here.

The Freeflow System is:
  • Rapid installation – fully cured within 2 hours at temperatures as low as -30°C
  • Typically laid at 4mm thick
  • Exceptional bond to existing subfloors
  • Suitable for Medium to Heavy Duty areas
  • Seamless and impermeable surface without pinholes or air bubbles
  • Laid in three stages – primer, bodycoat and a protective seal
  • A quick-curing alternative to flexible polyurethane
  • Exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean – a totally seamless finish without pinholes or air bubbles
  • Excellent resistance to UV light, physical and chemical attack
  • Tailored decorative slip resistant finishes
Suitable for a range of sectors, such as:
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Offices and public buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Engineering and manufacturing

Degafloor’s Freeflow self-levelling resin flooring is available in a wide range of standard colours, from bold and vibrant to subtle neutrals and greys. Bespoke colours to match branding, interior design schemes or existing flooring are also available upon request.

Degafloor_Freeflow_Agate-Grey Agate Grey
Degafloor_Freeflow_Silver-Grey Silver Grey
Degafloor_Freeflow_Mid-Grey Mid Grey
Degafloor_Freeflow_Quartz-Grey Quartz Grey
Degafloor_Freeflow_Blue-Grey Blue Grey
Degafloor_Freeflow_Pastel-Blue Pastel Blue
Degafloor_Freeflow_Fast-Blue Fast Blue
Degafloor_Freeflow_Marine-Blue Marine Blue
Degafloor_Freeflow_Pale-Green Pale Green
Degafloor_Freeflow_Leaf-Green Leaf Green
Degafloor_Freeflow_Beige Beige
Degafloor_Freeflow_Sand-Yellow Sand Yellow
Degafloor_Freeflow_Traffic-Yellow Traffic Yellow
Degafloor_Freeflow_Flame-Red Flame Red
Degafloor_Freeflow_Chocolate-Brown Chocolate Brown
Case Studies

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