MMA Resin Flooring

Degafloor MMA resin flooring systems have been designed to deliver lasting performance in commercial and industrial environments where speed of installation, durability, slip resistance, and aesthetics are paramount.

Our product range includes visually striking Seamless Flake Flooring and Smooth F (freeflow) Finishes, which are popular within most commercial settings, including retail, leisure and education

We also offer heavy duty slip resistant flooring such as the FB System (full broadcast) and QT / QTA systems (quartz trowelled), which have been designed specifically in response to the latest Health & Safety requirements that stress the importance of slip resistance as a key element of ensuring that flooring is ‘fit for purpose’.

Our high performance and fast curing range of products can be tailored to meet the requirements of almost any customer and flooring environment, so regardless of the challenge at hand, Degafloor has or can create a resin floor to suit.

Our longstanding experience within the flooring industry and partnerships with world class suppliers enable us to deliver outstanding solutions that offer unrivalled lifetime value.

Please contact us to find out more about the benefits that Degafloor can bring to your project.

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