Degafloor MMA resin has achieved HACCP International certification

Degafloor MMA resin has achieved HACCP International certification


Degafloor  is delighted to announce that we achieved HACCP International certification for our MMA flooring systems.

HACCP International is a worldwide certification body specialising in the certification of food-safe equipment, materials and services that support the food industry. HACCP International-certified products are recognised by the UK Food Standards Agency.  It means Degafloor Flooring MMA Resin Systems are now certified for equipment, materials and services for use in food facilities operating a HACCP-based food safety programme.


Degafloor MMA resin flooring steps up


Degafloor MMA resin; HACCP International


Degafloor has long been recognised for its expertise in MMA resin flooring. This latest certification underscores our dedication to providing safe and hygienic flooring solutions that meet the requirements of food-related environments. MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) resin flooring is renowned for its robust properties, making it ideal for environments where cleanliness and safety are paramount concerns. It provides a seamless, impermeable surface that is easy to clean and maintain, thus eliminating the risk of bacterial growth and contamination in food production facilities.



Degafloor underwent rigorous tests and assessments to achieve this certification to ensure our  MMA Resin Systems met the very best in food safety. The systems which are HACCP International-certified are as follows:



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About HACCP International


HACCP International is a leading food science organization specializing in the HACCP food safety methodology and its application within the food and related, non-food industries. Companies worldwide benefit from the organization’s depth of expertise and its practical, systematic, common sense approach which are central to the success of the organisation. The HACCP International certification mark is a widely recognized symbol of excellence in applied food safety carried by leading manufacturers of food-safe equipment, materials and consumables and suppliers of food-safe services that support the industry.

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