Decorative Resin Flooring

Decorative resin pattern flooring for education and commercial environments

With Degafloor’s decorative resin pattern flooring systems, practical and hardwearing flooring doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Degafloor’s resin flooring systems are practical and hardwearing, ideal for commercial offices, retail, and education.

Decorative resin flooring – the Flake System

A seamless and decorative resin pattern flooring, the Flake System is available in a wide range of standard colour mixes featuring a blend of three to four colours. Degafloor flakes are world-class, the Degafloor Technical Team have tried and tested hundreds of flake manufacturers worldwide to find the very best quality – thin and light, easy to scatter and less needed per m² – right here in the UK.

Bespoke flake mixes are also available to match company branding or existing flooring. Flake is available with a smooth finish or textured when specified with polybeads.

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Decorative resin pattern flooring – the Full Broadcast System

The Full Broadcast System is a slip-resistant decorative resin flooring. Similarly to the Flake System, Full Broadcast is available in a wide range of standard colour mixes and bespoke mixes.

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To see an example of Degafloor’s decorative resin flooring being used to create a star pattern within a school environment, view our case study of the project completed for  Arthur Mellows Village College.

Visit our YouTube channel for examples of our work.

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