High-performance flooring in mortuaries

Requirement:High-performance flooring, slip-resistant, hygienic, totally impermeable and incredibly durable flooring
Product: Full Broadcast of Quartz Trowelled with Aggregate Systems


High performance resin for mortuary flooring areas

As with many high-care environments, mortuaries and post-mortem rooms require high-performance flooring to cope with extremely demanding conditions. Any floor finish must be slip-resistant, hygienic, totally impermeable and incredibly durable. This is especially true in medical environments such as mortuaries

Traditional mortuary flooring specification

Traditionally, mortuaries and post-mortem rooms have utilised vinyl sheets or terrazzo floor tiles which provide a short-term amount of high-performance flooring. However, both have inherent problems such as failed joints, cracks and poor slip resistance making them less than ideal. The failure of these traditional finishes can allow water and other contaminants to penetrate into the substrate below, which creates significant hygiene challenges.

In addition to hygiene challenges, failed floors can create health and safety issues such as trip hazards or lumps and bumps and so any repairs will be time-consuming and disruptive.

High-performance flooring

Degafloor have developed an alternative, high-performance flooring specification, ideal for post-mortem and mortuary flooring. The Full Broadcast and QTA systems are ultra-durable, seamless and highly slip-resistant finishes that can be easily cleaned.

Both offer a profiled surface finish that provides outstanding slip resistance and durability. Despite the surface texture, Degafloor flooring systems are easy to clean, run rubber wheels over and the seamless nature of these high-performance flooring solutions results in outstanding durability, avoiding contamination issues.

Degafloors high-performance flooring systems can bond to a variety of substrates, and cure both chemically and physically within 2 hours of installation. This ensures that every solution we deliver can be installed extremely quickly and cost-effectively, resulting in minimal disruption.

To view the technical details of Degafloors products, you can download any of the Datasheets here.

Our mortuary flooring projects include; Peterborough City Hospital, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Barnsley General Hospital, Luton and Dunstable Hospital and Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital.

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