Testimonial- Parallel Lines

“The pothole repair system (Degafill™) is a winner for sure”

Parallel Lines is a line-marking, ground preparation and surface cleaning company that specialises in all types of floor marking, including commercial line marking services in factories, warehouses and distribution centres and road marking services and car parks.

They use the latest equipment and materials and install high quality, long lasting, environmentally friendly line markings to help improve their clients and their sites safety, including Degafill™ the permanent pothole repair kit, which comes with a five-year warranty.

“We (Parallel Lines) recently visited Laura and the team at Degafloor to carry out some training and I must say what a great bunch they are. Always willing to help out on the phone with a vast knowledge base on the products they supply which are also very good. The pothole repair system is a winner for sure and I can’t wait to start using the stuff. We look forward to working with them all in the future.”

Phill Vipond
Operations Manager, Parallel Lines

Take a look at our video to see how the Degafill™ pothole repair kit works.

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Download the Degafill™ Datasheet here.

For more detailed information, please visit its own dedicated website www.Degafill.com or click here to purchase directly from our Degafloor shop.