Hygienic resin floor coating – Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Hygienic resin floor coating for healthcare and pharmaceutical environments

Hygienic floor coating that is easy to maintain is essential in healthcare settings including hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, dentists and veterinary practices. To ensure optimal hygiene, Degafloor has designed and developed seamless resin flooring with no grouted joints and no pinholing. This minimises dirt traps and areas for bacteria to thrive.

Easy-to-clean resin flooring

In addition to the flooring itself being hygienic, it is also critical to provide a floor coating system which is easy to clean. Because of its anti-porous nature, Degafloor’s flooring is naturally easy to clean with traditional methods. Degafloor has designed Degawash, a robust, dual-cylinder scrubber and a Powerbrush for hard-to-reach areas.

Hygienic flooring – pharmaceutical and laboratories

For pharmaceutical production and laboratories where hygienic floor coating is essential, it is also critical to have flooring resistant to chemicals. Degafloor MMA resin is exceptionally resistant to aggressive chemicals, including most organic and mineral acids, alkalis, salt solutions, petrochemicals, disinfectants and cleansers. For more information on this, please view our Datasheets.

Flake Resin Floor coating for healthcare environments

An ideal hygienic flooring choice for hospital wards, corridors, laboratories and surgical areas, the Flake System is hardwearing, decorative and designed for high footfall.

As with all Degafloor MMA resins, the Flake System is chemical-resistant, seamless and non-porous – a perfect specification for hygienic flooring.

Find out more about the Flake hygienic flooring system

Slip-resistant hygienic flooring

Where you need slip-resistant, hygienic flooring, the Degafloor Full Broadcast or Quartz Trowelled with Aggregate systems meet the challenge. This flooring is:

  • Non-porous
  • No dirt traps or grout lines
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Easy to clean

Find out more about the Full Broadcast System

Find out more about the Quartz Trowelled with Aggregate System

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