Airport Flooring

Airport flooring and resin flooring for very busy environments

Thousands of travellers visit airports every day, it is crucial that airport flooring stands up to the constant pressures of foot traffic, baggage and trolley wheels and machinery.

From commercial and retail areas, to behind the scenes of airport flooring areas like hangars, baggage halls and catering facilities, Degafloor has the perfect solution for every area. Our fast-curing resin flooring systems offer durability, aesthetic appeal, and health and safety benefits, which are crucial in these high-traffic airport flooring areas.

When new airport flooring is installed, it needs to go down quickly with minimal fuss as an airport won’t close down for the process. It also needs to conform to strict Health and Safety regulations to comply with Airport regulations. Degafloors airport flooring solutions can cover these requirements.

Decorative flooring for retail areas

Degafloor’s Flake System lends itself perfectly to retail and walkway areas when aesthetically pleasing, yet highly functional airport flooring is of high importance. The Flake System is a highly durable, multi-layered resin flooring which creates a stunning seamless finish. This system is offered in a wide range of standard colours.

Find out more about the Flake System

Heavy-duty airport flooring

Heavy-duty systems such as our Full Broadcast and Quartz Trowelled systems offer slip resistance and unrivalled durability, making them ideal for maintenance hangars, baggage halls and catering facilities.

Find out more about the Quartz Trowelled with Aggregate System

Car parks and external areas

Additionally, our car park and line marking systems provide outstanding solutions to traffic management, parking and surface marking challenges, within or outside of airport flooring areas.

Find out more about the Car Park and Line Marking Systems

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