Chemical Resistant Commercial and Industrial Floor Resin

Chemical resistant commercial and industrial floor resin

Chemical-resistant flooring is essential in many industries, including food and drink manufacturing and healthcare and pharmaceutical. We provide commercial and industrial floor resin to create the ideal flooring solution for these sectors.

Due to our highly advanced resin technology, Degafloor systems provide excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals, including:

  • most organic and mineral acids
  • alkalis
  • salt solutions
  • petrochemicals
  • natural oils and fats
  • disinfectants and cleansers
  • fruit and vegetable juices

Our chemical-resistant flooring is so effective that it is used in many food factories, including Long Clawson Dairy at their Melton Mowbray site (installed by RESYN).

While you may get some chemical-resistant flooring properties from ceramic tiles and sacrificial tipping floors, commercial and industrial resin coatings provide seamless acid-resistant flooring.

The results of chemical resistance tests are available on request. With access to some of the world’s most advanced testing facilities, we will also be pleased to discuss any concerns about the effect of specific compounds on Degafloor products. Should you need quick information, the datasheets on our products (including the chemical-resistant flooring properties) can be found on our ‘Downloads’ page.

If you have questions about Degafloors chemical resistant flooring, you can contact us, or view more on the Resin Flooring Association FeRFA.

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