Quartz Trowelled Resin Flooring Systems

Quartz Trowelled hardwearing resin flooring systems

The Degafloor Quartz Trowelled Systems are methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin flooring systems which are ultra-fast curing and extremely durable.

The two trowel-applied systems are the perfect specification for ramps and creating falls to drainage.  Project and area dependent, this resin flooring is available in two variants – Quartz Trowelled (QT) and Quartz Trowelled with Aggregate (QTA).

The QT system is a hardwearing resin flooring that’s sightly textured and perfect for use in pubs and clubs, corridors, outside stairs and any dry areas with a high footfall.

The QTA system is also extremely hardwearing but, with a layer of quartz aggregate on top of the bodycoat, it has a highly textured finish that delivers outstanding slip resistance.

Take a look at our Aston Villa Football Club case study to see how our hardwearing resin flooring provided their patrons with security when scaling their ground steps.

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