Asphalt Potholes- how they are made and repaired

An asphalt pothole is a depression or defect in the road surface, usually caused by either high traffic wear and tear, subsidence, a weak substrate or from water ingress entering the asphalt via surface cracks or from beneath the asphalt.

Potholes (including asphalt pothole) are dangerous not only for drivers, but for motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, and other road workers.  A vehicle’s wheel can become lodged in the pothole, causing it to swerve sideways or, in the case of two-wheeled vehicles, flip over.

To repair an asphalt pothole, we recommend the use of our Degafill™ kit that’s been awarded a BBA HAPAS certificate confirming its excellence.  The material is heavy and dense and compresses into the asphalt pothole, it does not sink or slump, once cured (approx. 15 minutes) the repair is ready for full traffic use within two hours.

Degafloor is so sure of the asphalt pothole repair kit that it’s been given a 5-year warranty.

Degafill™ is a unique rapid curing MMA-based product, provided in kit form to provide a permanent asphalt pothole repair solution in under 15 minutes.  Suitable for all roads and footpaths, Degafill™ offers outstanding durability, excellent skid resistance and the flexibility required for harsh weather conditions and temperatures.  This makes it a suitable and reliable product that can be used throughout the year.  Manufactured from technologically advanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin, this cold-applied solution offers an ultra-fast cure time.  It is suitable for repairs within asphalt substrates without the need to cut back or prime, no hot works required, no transformers, no heavy cutting equipment, just a portable mixing paddle!

The Degafill™ Pothole is Suitable for asphalt potholes including:

  • Highway pothole repairs
  • Car park pothole repairs
  • Footpath repairs
  • Ironwork reinstatement
  • Minor carriageway repairs
  • Private driveways
  • High traffic junctions
  • Bridge repair work

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Download the Degafill™ Datasheet here.

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