Car Parks & Highways

Degafloor offers high performance car park decking, line marking and surface marking solutions as well as concrete and permanent pothole repair products. Based on hardwearing ultra fast curing resin technology, these Degafloor resin systems are ideal for high traffic areas, especially new car park decks or waterproofing and refurbishing existing car parks.

Designed for use on both concrete and asphalt substrates, all Degafloor car parking, surface and area marking systems cure within 1 hour of installation at temperatures down to -10°C. This means they can be used for car park refurbishments and car park repair projects all year round and help to overcome any installation challenges resulting from long periods of inclement weather. In addition, the ultra fast 1 hour cure time enables projects to be completed quickly with many being completed overnight to minimise even the slightest disruption and loss of revenue.

Speed of installation, skid resistance and outstanding durability are some of the most important factors that customers expect, so our car park coating and area marking systems have been developed to offer unrivalled performance in all of these areas.

Degafloor is a partner of Röhm and all our car park decking, line marking and surface marking solutions are based on Degaroute® resins, long recognised as the market leading cold plastic resin for highway marking products.


To complement our car park and highways resin range, we have also developed an innovative permanent pothole repair called Degafill™. Ideal for all pothole repairs, small areas of car park or road repair, resurfacing and ironwork re-instatement, Degafill™ comes with a 5 year warranty outperforming all other products. 

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Degaroute® is a registered trademark of Röhm or its affiliates

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