Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Meeting Health and Safety Regulations with hygienic, slip-resistant commercial kitchen flooring

Hundreds of pubs and restaurants nationwide trust Degafloor with their commercial kitchen flooring. From large multi-national food chains to hotel restaurants, pubs and takeaways; when slip-resistance, durability and speed of installation are key, Degafloor’s purposely made resin flooring for commercial kitchens is the solution.

Degafloor methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin flooring systems are ultra-fast curing, meaning maintenance work can often be completed overnight, causing minimal disruption to business.

Slip-resistant resin flooring

Commercial kitchen flooring is subject to rigorous demands, from high footfall to spillages and food debris being dropped onto the floor, it is crucial the flooring remains slip-resistant and complies with strict health and safety regulations. The Full Broadcast System is recommended in most commercial kitchen environments, when in-built drainage is required, we recommend the Quartz Trowelled with Aggregate System.

Find out more about Full Broadcast slip-resistant flooring

Find out more about Quartz Trowelled with Aggregate slip-resistant flooring

Easy to clean

Degafloor has developed ultra-fast curing resin systems specifically for commercial kitchen flooring. These systems remain slip-resistant in wet, dry and greasy conditions and can be thoroughly, mechanically cleaned to ensure ultimate hygiene.

Quick to install

When a company decides to install a new commercial kitchen flooring solution, they want to know it can be laid quickly with minimal disruption to their kitchen, after all, the time that the team can’t be in the kitchen means produce can’t be made to sell. That’s why, Degafloors resin flooring options are perfect for commercial kitchen flooring requirements- they’re quick to install with minimal downtown as they’re curable within a handful of hours.

Degafloor only works with approved installers, such as National Flooring who specialise in laying commercial kitchen flooring.


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