Pothole Patch Repair- Why Use Degafill™

Potholes can be dangerous, especially if left untreated, and a pothole patch repair solution should be applied to the affected area as soon as possible to put a stop to any further damage to the area, or harm to the public.

The Degafill™ pothole patch repair kit is easy to use and effective in a short amount of time. Please see below for a brief list of reasons why you should use Degafill™ for all of your pothole patch repair needs:

  • Ultra-fast curing – trafficable within 20 minutes
  • Permanent solution – no need to repair or complete pothole patch work again year after year
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty
  • Cold applied – none of the health and safety issues associated with hot trades – no big vehicles and minimised environmental impact
  • Strong chemical bond to asphalt and concrete
  • No need to prime, minimal preparation, outstanding longevity, no need to cut back (which makes the hole even bigger)
  • Minimum tools required, no need to compact; available in bulk and kit form
  • Crack-free performance and colour stability all year round
  • Totally impervious
  • Excellent UV light and thermal resistance
  • Weather-proof – will not suffer freeze/thaw damage

Take a look at our video to see how the Degafill™ pothole repair kit works.

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Download the Degafill™ Datasheet here.

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