Top Deck Car Park System

Top Deck Car Park Solution by Degafloor

The Degafloor Top Deck Car Park System is designed specifically for top decks of multi-storey car parks. It offers outstanding flexibility to create a highly durable, waterproof finish. Manufactured from technically advanced methyl methacrylate resin, this cold-applied system offers outstanding durability, flexibility and resistance. This is vital due to the extreme operating conditions that car parks can be subjected to (as noted by the British Parking Association).

The Top Deck Car Park System is suitable for asphalt and concrete substrates.

RESYN features further photos and information about the four types of car park solutions that Degafloor manufactures and what product is most suitable for its intended environment.

We also supply a 5-year Warranty pothole repair product, Degafill, designed for asphalt repairs. We are proud to announce it is HAPAS-certified.

You can purchase Degafill from the Degafloor shop. Alternatively, find out more about the product on our dedicated website:

Take a look at our video to see how simple the Degafill kit is to use.


Substrate preparation

All substrates must be clean, dry and contamination-free. Concrete substrates must also be capable of accepting a resin finish. This is best achieved by mechanical means (shot blasting, planing or diamond grinding).

Concrete substrates may require priming using Degafloor 112 primer applied at approx. 0.4kg/m2 (always conduct a bond test to confirm the suitability of the substrate).

Asphalt substrates do not require separate priming.

Cure times

The Degafloor Top Deck Car Park system cures fully within just 1-hour of installation (both chemically and physically). The cure time remains unaffected at temperatures down to 0oC.

Chemical resistance

Excellent resistance to fuels, engine oils and road salts.

Available pack sizes

  • 25kg
  • 200kg
  • 900kg

Resin flooring installers

Degafloor has a UK-wide network of Approved Installers who are highly trained and experienced in the Degafloor Top Deck Car Park Solution.

Features and benefits of the Top Deck Car Park System include:
  • Rapid installation, minimal disruption
  • Cures within just 1 hour of installation
  • Outstanding durability
  • Can be cold-applied: no health and safety issues associated with hot trades, no big vehicles, minimised environmental impact
  • Excellent skid resistance that can be tailored to deliver specific requirements
  • UV resistance that provides crack-free performance and colour stability
  • Strong bond to concrete and asphalt substrates
  • Exceptional durability and performance
  • Superb thermal stability with no softening/degradation during summer months, and flexibility in winter months
  • Flexible warranty options are available
Where a highly durable and waterproof finish is required, the Degafloor Top Deck Car Park System can be used for:
  • Car park top decks
  • Exposed parking deck environments
  • Footbridges
  • Roadbridges
  • Roofing

The Top Deck Car Park Solution by Degafloor is available in the following colours:

Car Park Traffic Yellow Traffic Yellow
Traffic Blue Traffic Blue
Traffic Green Traffic Green
Traffic Grey Traffic Grey
Traffic Purple Traffic Purple
Traffic Red Traffic Red
Mid Grey Mid Grey
White White
Black Black
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