Expanding Global Reach with New Degafloor Branch in Bahrain

Degafloor, a seasoned brand with over 28 years of experience in providing fast-curing resin flooring solutions, proudly announces the opening of its new Degafloor branch in Bahrain. This strategic move further solidifies Degafloor’s commitment to providing flooring solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

Founded in 1995, Degafloor has been at the forefront of the resin flooring industry, specialising in MMA flooring and offering solutions that redefine standards in durability and speed of application. With a rich legacy of providing flooring solution, Degafloor has now expanded its global footprint to Bahrain.

Degafloor’s approach is rooted in a commitment to understanding and meeting the specific requirements of its clients. The company’s clarity of focus on fast-curing resin flooring options, a solutions based attitude, and an outstanding product range showcase its ability to meet the challenges of industrial and commercial environments.

Matthew Brown, Director of Degafloor Middle East, emphasizes the company’s simple yet powerful business approach: “We take pride in our simple approach to business that has become our biggest asset: We offer a straightforward range of outstanding products that deliver exceptional benefits. We continually innovate to bring our customers unique and bespoke solutions, and lastly, we put our customers first.”

The expansion into the new Degafloor branch in Bahrain signifies Degafloor’s dedication to providing flooring solutions that are not just innovative but, more importantly, aligned with the practical needs of businesses and industries. The Degafloor branch in Bahrain collaborates with PBP Middle East as its approved installers in the region, will serve as a direct conduit for local businesses to access Degafloor’s tailored resin flooring technologies, designed to deliver reliable and efficient results.

With Degafloor’s extensive experience in the resin flooring industry, the company positions itself as a trusted partner for architects, contractors, and businesses seeking reliable flooring solutions. The company’s expertise is focused on fast-curing resin internal and external flooring systems, car park decking systems, road repair solutions, line and area marking and pothole repair, demonstrating its versatility and commitment to addressing diverse needs.

About Degafloor:

With a legacy spanning over 28 years, Degafloor provides fast-curing resin flooring solutions to a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. Its outstanding resin offer includes resin flooring systems, car parking decking systems, road solutions and pothole repair system.

For more information about Degafloor and its products, visit https://www.degafloor-me.com/

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