Ocean Endeavour Marine Coating

Requirement: Boat decking required a slip-resistant marine system with heavy-duty protective coatings
Product: Degafloor Full Broadcast Marine Coating System
Colour:Russet Red

Ocean Endeavour

Degafloor Marine Coating System for Scottish fishing boat

Degafloor’s Full Broadcast Marine Coating System provided heavy-duty protective coatings for boat decking on Ocean Endeavour. This hardwearing product is durable and reliable.

Saltwater damaged the old boat flooring and the continuous dragging of steel chains from the trawler nets eroded the marine paint installed on the top deck of Ocean Endeavour.

Once the old marine paint was eroded, the slip resistance was destroyed, making the top deck slippery and exposed to rust. This caused damage to the boat and was hazardous to the occupants. The lower decks had similar issues where the paint quickly de-bonded causing rust and slip hazards.

Unfortunately, an annual repaint of the decks was not an option. This would have resulted in unproductive time in the dock, continual erosion of the decks and multiple ongoing health and safety issues. As a result, a more permanent solution of heavy-duty protective coatings was required. This is where we came to the rescue.

Degafloor, in partnership with PBP Services, developed the Full Broadcast Marine Coating System, an MMA resin-based solution specifically for the marine industry. This marine coating system chemically bonds to the steel decks to create a monolithic finish. It will not delaminate or de-bond, creating continuous marine coating flooring for the ship’s crew and equipment.

We were able to complete installation on all decks in just 3 shifts of 12 hours. This was a very fast turnaround for Ocean Endeavour to be in back use.

A small area was left treated with just the marine coating paint in the bulkhead, however, within one year, the marine paint had failed and rust was becoming a serious issue again. In contrast, the Degafloor Full Broadcast Marine System was in perfect condition, with no delamination, excellent slip-resistance and no rusting.

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Installation of the Degafloor FB Marine Coating System can be completed as part of a refurbishment, but with its hardwearing properties, is an ideal product to utilise as part of the construction process of any ship or trawler.

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