Line Marking

Resin line marking products

Manufactured from ultra-fast curing, cold applied methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin, the Degafloor line marking products have been designed with safety, performance and longevity in mind.

Line marking is the technology that helps make our highways, workplaces, shopping and leisure venues safe.

Ultra-fast 30 minute cure

The Degafloor line marking products are extremely durable, highly visible when used with glass beads and quick and easy to apply – curing within just 30 minutes of application.

Tailored slip-resistance

Available in a smooth or slip-resistant finish when hand tool applied or as a smooth spray applied finish, the Degafloor line marking products are the ideal specification to refresh worn traffic management lines, apply stencils or create demarcation or pedestrian crossings.

Degafloor line marking solutions provide:
  • Ultra-fast curing – full cured within 30 minutes at temperatures down to -10°C
  • Excellent reflectivity when used with glass beads
  • Exceptional resistance to UV light, weathering, chemicals and road salt
  • Cold applied – none of the health and safety issues associated with hot trades – no big vehicles and minimised environmental impact
  • Skid resistance which can be tailored
  • Exceptional thermal stability – no softening or degradation during summer months, flexible in winter months
  • Outstanding durability and skid resistance that can be tailored
Suitable for wet or dry areas where line marking is required, such as:
  • Car park bay marking
  • Arrows, lettering and other stencil applied markings
  • Carriageway line re-instatement
  • Airports line marking (non-runway)

When bold and vibrant coloured surfaces are required to create demarcation, safety features or simply for aesthetics, the Degafloor range of line marking products provide the perfect solution.

Degafloor_Surface-and-Area-Marking_Traffic-Grey Standard Collection - Traffic Grey
Degafloor_Surface-and-Area-Marking_Mid-Grey Standard Collection - Mid Grey
Degafloor_Surface-and-Area-Marking_Traffic-Red Standard Collection - Traffic Red
Degafloor_Surface-and-Area-Marking_Black Standard Collection - Black
Degafloor_Surface-and-Area-Marking_White Standard Collection - White
Degafloor_Surface-and-Area-Marking_Traffic-Blue Made to Order - Traffic Blue
Degafloor_Surface-and-Area-Marking_Traffic-Green Made to Order - Traffic Green
Degafloor_Surface-and-Area-Marking_Traffic-Purple Made to Order - Traffic Purple
Case Studies

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