Slip Resistance Guide

Slip related incidents create a massive cost burden to employers and the NHS in terms of lost working days, medical care and compensation.  However, following simple steps to ensure that floors are correctly specified and maintained can massively reduce or even eradicate the issue.

Slip related incidents are typically caused by one or more of the following:

Clearly, there is no easy, one-fix solution.  However, a considered, holistic and well managed approach that takes into consideration all of the above will create an environment whereby the risk of slipping is minimised. 

Whilst all of these factors are critical pieces of the jigsaw, choosing the correct floor initially will be absolutely essential.  

Based on our experience of working across a vast range of industries, Degafloor has developed systems and system options to deliver the highest levels of slip resistance available within the resin flooring industry. 

We also appreciate that one size does not fit all, so our consultancy service enables our installation partners to deliver bespoke solutions to customers that are tailored to their individual and often unique operating environment.

To ensure that our systems deliver the best performance available and to provide ultimate peace of mind to our customers, all Degafloor systems are independently tested in both wet and dry conditions to BS7976, which is the main standard accepted by the HSE.  For our ultra high performance FB and QTA systems, tests have also been completed using vegetable oil as a contaminant to demonstrate the high level of slip resistance available.  This is essential, as the HSE will expect a floor to provide acceptable performance (typically a PTV > 36 to BS7976) regardless of site conditions, so accordingly the chosen finish must be able to deliver this level of performance, even at the extremes of operating conditions.

Degafloor has also invested in the HSE approved and well respected SlipAlert mobile slip test equipment.

This compact, and quick to use system, provides very good correlation to the pendulum test (BS7976) and is an ideal tool for assessing existing floor finishes to determine the extent of any issue.  We can also arrange for potential customers to attend our demonstration area and complete real life tests of how a Degafloor finish will perform when exposed to their unique operating conditions and likely contaminants.

This has proved invaluable to many customers and has allowed them to specify the most suitable floor.

Having selected the most appropriate floor finish, it is essential to then design and implement a cleaning and housekeeping regime, together with a footwear policy, that ensures the floor can deliver the expected level of performance and keep people safe.  The flooring manufacturer is ideally placed to provide advice and guidance, so should be an integral part of the flooring specification process.

If you have a slippery floor and need, Degafloor will be happy to help.  We have provided some initial guidance documents in the related related downloads section which we hope will be of assistance.  However, further guidance and slip resistance reports / certificates can be found in our secured area, simply register or login to gain access.


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