Truman's Brewery

Client: Truman's Brewery
Location: London


Established in 1666, the Truman’s name has been a part of London life for almost 350 years and in August 2013 a new brewery with the Truman’s name was opened in Hackney Wick, London. The new site needed a floor that was hard wearing, seamless and most importantly something that would hold up in wet conditions preventing slips and trips.

After viewing the Degafloor QTA system at another local brewery and having spoken in depth to The National Flooring Company, it was decided that the QTA system in a striking cornflower blue would be the correct choice for the new brewing room floor.

Subsequently the system was installed to an area totalling 213m2 in just 3 days. The brewing room also received 100mm coving to all floor to wall transitions.

Degafloor brewery flooring at Trumans Brewery  Degafloor industrial flooring at Trumans

Why Degafloor?

Due to the particularly rigorous requirements of the brewing sector, as well as a tight project timescale, Truman’s Brewery needed a solution that could be installed quicker than traditional products without compromising the functionality and longevity of the new floor.

The QTA system is a heavy-duty quartz trowelled screed typically laid at 4-6mm, broadcast with a quartz aggregate to create a non-slip surface finish. It is ideal for environments frequently exposed to contaminants such as water and process spillages, cleaning chemicals, or food by-products, all of which can create slippery surfaces and accelerated wear.

In addition, being based on ultra-fast curing methyl methacrylate technology, all Degafloor flooring systems can be installed rapidly and achieve complete physical and chemical cure in just two hours, which means other constructions projects can continue soon after the new floor has been applied. 

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