Tesco Forecourt

Client: Tesco Forecourt
Location: Cardiff


The petrol station forecourt at this busy supermarket had a concrete finish that was in very poor condition.  It was also heavily impregnated with diesel adjacent to all diesel pumps which made the surface very slippery.

The initial plan was to replace the concrete, but due to the extremely busy nature of the site, it was deemed impossible to shut the petrol station for all but very short periods and the disruption / health and safety implications of completing the project in phases was deemed unacceptable. Therefore, ABG Specialised Flooring and Maintenance Ltd were approached to define a resin flooring solution to overcome the problem.  ABG turned to longstanding partner, Degafloor Ltd, and jointly the decision was made to install a fast curing, flexible Degafloor FB resin system.

The whole area was mechanically prepared and a scratch coat applied to restore a level surface to the concrete.  An FB system with bauxite was then installed. All works were completed on time and with minimal, if any, disruption to the petrol station operations.

Degafloor resin flooring at Tesco Forecourt in Cardiff  Degafloor waterproof coating at Tesco Forecourt in Cardiff

Why Degafloor?

The client required a solution that could be applied rapidly and withstand the demanding conditions of a busy petrol station without the need for frequent repairs.

The Degafloor FB system is a hardwearing finish based on advanced methyl methacrylate resin technology that enables rapid installation and creates a virtually unbreakable bond to the substrate.

The 2 hour cure time provided by all Degafloor products allowed installation with minimal disruption.

Once installed, this Degafloor resin system is guaranteed to outperform most traditional finishes without the need for repair, even when exposed to constant high traffic levels, weathering and rigorous cleaning regimes using harsh chemicals.


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