Motorrad Central Scotland

Client: Motorrad Central Scotland
Location: Dalkeith, Scotland


Motorrad Central Scotland recently made a decision to revamp the motorbike display area and replace the old epoxy resin and tiled floor with a new finish that would complement the contemporary look and feel of the showroom.

To help choose the best new solution, the services of Veitchi Industrial Flooring Ltd were called upon and subsequently an ultra-fast curing Degafloor QT resin flooring was recommended and approved.

The installation team first had to remove the existing epoxy coating and tiles and then repair the substrate to create a level and sound finish. 

Having completed all necessary preparation works, Veitchi installed 170 sqm of the Degafloor QT system with a polybead seal coat to a colour blend unique to the project.  The finish combines aesthetics, safety, and exceptional durability..

Motorrad Central Scotland - Degafloor resin finish  Motorrad Central Scotland - Degafloor resin flooring

Why Degafloor?

Motorrad Central Scotland required a new practical flooring solution that could easily fulfil a blend of requirements, including longevity, safety, and visual appeal.

Alongside its excellent hardwearing and slip resistant properties, Degafloor commercial resin flooring offers complete design flexibility, which means it can be easily matched to existing finishes to ensure brand continuity.

Additionally, being based on ultra-fast curing methyl methacrylate resin technology, all Degafloor finishes can be installed rapidly and achieve complete physical and chemical cure just two hours after installation, which translates into minimum downtime for businesses.

Upon completion Motorrad were delighted, not only with the properties of ultra-fast curing Degafloor QT system, but also with the overall service and support the company has received from Veitchi and Degafloor.


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