Long Clawson Dairy

Client: Long Clawson Dairy
Location: Melton Mowbray


The well known traditional British cheese producer, Long Clawson Dairy at the Melton Mowbray site, required renovation in some of their production areas, including the ‘Cheese Room Floor’.  

The client needed a hardwearing, slip resistant, hygienic flooring to cover areas of approximately 200m2.

Having previously worked with The National Flooring Company on other projects, the client contacted the specialist installer to ask for advice on the best solution for the upcoming works.

As the factory is in constant production, attention to detail was required regarding dust and fumes.

Also, throughout the room, there were drains that needed to be fully operational after the installation, so for best results, the contractors recommended using the Degafloor QTA solution, which is a hand trowelled system with a quartz scatter finish that will not run into the drains upon application.

Long Clawson Dairy  Degafloor industrial flooring at Long Clawson Dairy

Why Degafloor?

Long Clawson Dairy needed a flooring solution that could be installed quickly and deliver long term performance.

Degafloor resin systems are based on ultra fast curing methyl methacrylate technology that enables rapid installation and cures as fast as two hours after application.

The project was completed in just 6 days over 2 separate shifts and thanks to the fast curing properties of Degafloor MMA resins, the factory was able to commence production just 2 hours after the new floors and coving were installed. The Operations Director of Long Clawson Dairy was immensely pleased with the end result.

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