DCU Car Park

Client: DCU Car Park
Location: Dublin, Ireland


McKeon Construction Limited, were looking for a durable and innovative resin waterproofing system for one of their clients, namely Dublin City University (DCU), who needed to refurbish a multi-storey car park where the existing deck coating had started to fail.

They discussed the client requirements with Larsen Contracts (Ireland) Ltd, a specialist resin contractor, whose immediate recommendation was to use a Degafloor CP TD system.

The project was completed according to specification, within budget and on time. DCU and McKeon Construction Ltd are delighted with the results and the numerous benefits that the Degafloor CP TD system has delivered, including: outstanding durability, flexibility, a totally seamless and impervious finish, exceptional slip resistance and visually pleasing aesthetics.


DCU car park
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Why Degafloor?

The Degafloor CP TD system is designed to offer the outstanding flexibility and performance required for top decks of multi-storey car parks. The unique formulation allows installation to occur extremely quickly, with the main system of 2-3mm being installed in a single application process.

Eddie O’Brien of Larsen Contracts Ltd commented: ‘The Degafloor CP TD system enabled us to complete the installation within the short window of time available (weather wise). Traditionally, we have been unable to complete car park projects outside of summer months due to weather and temperature constraints, but this new system has made it possible for us to complete car park installations all year round’.’



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