Fast cure for new factory

Client: A.E. Oscroft
Location: Redditch


Specialist presswork engineers and manufacturers, A.E. Oscroft of Redditch, purchased a factory that was in need of immediate renovation due to the poor state of the existing concrete flooring, which was covered in multiple layers of damaged coatings.

Due to its ultra fast curing and hardwearing properties, Inca Flooring & Structural Ltd, who were commissioned to complete the project, chose the Degafloor Seal System.

Inca opted to diamond grind the surface first to remove all coatings and contamination, before proceeding with repairs using a fast cure resin mortar.

The prepared surface was then treated with a low viscosity Degafloor Seal system based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) technology, which cures in 1-2 hours even in sub zero temperatures.

The system was ready for full use just one 1 hour after installation with the entire flooring project being completed early and to client’s complete satisfaction.


DCU car park
Healthcare flooring


Why Degafloor?

A.E. Oscroft required a flooring solution that could be installed fast to minimise any potential impact on business operations.

Due to the tight project timescale and to ensure the durability and longevity requirements were met, Inca recommended a flooring solution that they have used many a time in the past with great success.

The Degafloor Seal System is based on advanced ultra fast curing technology, which means the floor can be installed rapidly and cures both physically and chemically in 1-2 hours even in low temperatures.

Additionally, all Degafloor resins are exceptionally durable and offer unbeatable lifetime value, which was another major requirement of this project.


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