Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue

Client: Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue
Location: Devon


Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue has recently completed the refurbishment of floors at 9 fire stations, using the high performance Degafloor FB system, installed by Surface Systems Ltd.

Based on the success of previous projects, the property team at Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue decided to specify the Degafloor FB system for installation onto existing tiled surfaces or, where required, onto a fast curing cementitious screed.

To ensure full compatibility, the Technical Services Team at Degafloor tested the bond between the FB system and the screed and determined how quickly after screed installation the Degafloor system could be installed.

Subsequently, each fire station received a new Degafloor FB finish to the tender hall in a mid-grey colour, with safety yellow line markings to finish.

Degafloor resin floor for fire & rescue  Degafloor slip resistant floor for fire stations

Why Degafloor?

In order for Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue to maintain critical emergency response times and maximum facility functionality, it is vital that fire stations have good quality flooring that offers outstanding durability and slip resistance.

Degafloor products have been used widely within the fire and rescue sector for many years due to their ultra-fast curing properties, excellent level of slip resistance and ability to bond directly to existing tiled surfaces.

This has enabled many fire authorities to enhance the floor finish in tender halls, muster rooms, BA rooms and circulation areas without any disruption to essential services.

The heavy duty Degafloor FB system has been specifically designed to withstand even the toughest conditions where constant foot and vehicle traffic, heavy machinery, water debris, and long operational hours would make it virtually impossible for most other solutions to deliver suitable performance without the need for frequent repairs.

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