Crownhill Police Station

Client: Crownhill Police Station
Location: Plymouth, Devon


Cemplas Waterproofing & Concrete Repair Ltd were recently asked to assist in choosing and installing the best waterproofing solution for Crownhill Police station car park in Plymouth. In order to effectively remedy all existing issues, Cemplas recommended using a Degafloor waterproof car park system, which offers a number of benefits, including ultra-fast cure time, exceptional durability and skid resistance, design flexibility, and outstanding lifetime value.

Following preparation of the existing concrete, fleece banding was applied to construction joints, up-stands, and cracks. Cemplas also undertook concrete repairs to the existing deck substrate prior to the main deck waterproof coating works. Once all preparation was complete, Cemplas proceeded with the main works, which included applying the waterproof Degafloor CP TD system also reinstated all line markings and replaced all drainage gully covers.

Degafloor waterproofing system at Crownhill Police Station  Degafloor car park surfacing at Crownhill Police Station

Why Degafloor?

The areas below the top level of the car park were showing signs of water ingress, so Crownhill Police station required a new finish to address existing problems and prevent similar issues in the future.

Based on ultra-fast curing methyl methacrylate technology, Degafloor waterproofing solutions are not only exceptionally durable, skid resistant, and flexible in terms of design, but they can also be installed faster than alternative products, which translates into significant time and budget savings for businesses.

The project was completed well within the client’s budget and time constraints and the end result is a great success.  

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