Client: Creamery
Location: Ireland


A well known Irish creamery needed to refurbish their milking processing areas, where the existing flooring had failed, due to constant exposure to erosive substances contained in milk and cleaning products.

Requirements were discussed with Larsen Contracts (Ireland) Ltd, a specialist resin contractor, whose immediate advice was to use ultra tough, exceptionally slip and chemical resistant, innovative and fast curing Degafloor FB system. After removing the defected tiles and repairing the eroded concrete, Larsen installed the extremely durable Degafloor FB system in saffron yellow to mask any discolouration that may occur in the future. The project was completed within very tight weekend installation windows and ready for full use on Monday morning.

Why Degafloor?

Excellent product durability, outstanding chemical and slip resistance, speed of installation and fast cure time, were of paramount importance to the project, and Degafloor FB system was able to fulfil all those requirements.

All Degafloor systems can be installed rapidly and cure within two hours of installation, which means only minimal if any downtime and almost no disruption. Speaking on behalf of Larsen Contracts, Mark Murphy said: ‘This was an extremely challenging project due to the high level of substrate erosion. Our teams had to cut away significant areas of substrate and complete complex surface preparation and treatment prior to repairs and final screeding. Working in partnership with Degafloor helped us develop a solution to this longstanding problem and we are looking forward to working with other dairy operators to help solve similar problems. ‘

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