Arthur Mellows Village College

Client: Arthur Mellows Village College
Location: Peterborough, East of England


Arthur Mellows Village College in Peterborough has recently benefited from a new science, media and IT facility, together with extensive refurbishment of existing buildings.

As part of the works, the school required a decorative, yet durable flooring system for a variety of areas across the site. Designed using different colour combinations and stainless steels trims, the Degafloor
Flake system
was installed to a total area of 5000 sq m. For areas where enhanced slip resistance was required, the Degafloor FB system was chosen as it to offers enhanced protection in high risk areas such as kitchens and toilets. The project was completed by The National Flooring Company Ltd.

Degafloor decorative flake floor at Arthur Mellows Village College Degafloor flake system at Arthur Mellows Village College

Why Degafloor?

The Degafloor Flake and FB systems were chosen for their decorative and durable qualities – guaranteed to last in a busy school environment. Within the existing buildings, Degafloor systems were installed
over existing finishes, enabling projects to be completed more quickly and at lower cost. The outstanding two hour cure time of Degafloor systems ensured that each installation was completed on time and with minimal disruption. “Degafloor systems provide very durable and attractive floor finishes that enhances the appearance of the College environment.” - Gary Wentworth, Arthur Mellows Village College.

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