Flake Floors

Degafloor decorative flake floors offer outstanding hardwearing properties, which makes them a popular flooring choice amongst commercial customers, such as retail, education, healthcare, and leisure, where exceptional performance and visual impact are essential. 

The decorative flake flooring system offered by Degafloor can be installed rapidly and matched to existing floor finishes, for example vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, and other resins. The highly decorative nature of Degafloor seamless flake floors and their outstanding durability, make this product an ideal choice for areas exposed to high footfall where neither durability nor aesthetics can be compromised.  

Flake System
Flake System
Flake System

Based on unique ultra-fast curing MMA resin technology, Degafloor decorative flake flooring can be applied in a fraction of the time required to install alternative flooring solutions. In addition, for areas that require safety flooring, slip resistance can be easily tailored by varying the performance needed without affecting aesthetics. 

The decorative Degafloor Flake System offers many benefits, including:


Typical installation areas:



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