QT / QTA Systems

The Degafloor QT / QTA Systems (quartz trowelled) deliver outstanding performance in heavy duty environments. Applied by trowel, the QT system can be tailored to create a lightly textured or smooth finish, whilst the QTA system creates a highly textured finish that delivers outstanding slip resistance.

Unlike other trowel applied resin floors, Degafloor QT / QTA systems use decorative quartz aggregates within clear resin binders to create floors that look great as well as deliver outstanding performance and trowel application makes them ideal for use onto ramps or when creating falls.

QT / QTA System
QT / QTA System
QT / QTA System

Typically applied at a thickness of 4-6mm, the QT and QTA Systems are ideal for heavily trafficked areas such as pubs and clubs and Engineering and manufacturing facilities. Where safe and functional floors are a must, then there is no better solution than the QTA system making it ideal for food and drink production areas and commercial kitchens.

To widen the range of uses for the QT System even further, Degafloor also offers an 'extra hard' version that utilises an innovative blend of minerals, aggregates and metal particles to provide outstanding abrasion resistance.

Trowel applied Degafloor QT / QTA Systems offer many benefits, including:


Typical installation areas:


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