F System (Freeflow)

The ultra fast cure time, unlimited range of vibrant colour schemes and totally smooth nature of the Degafloor F System (freeflow) make this product a particularly popular choice for area demarcation in engineering and manufacturing and healthcare and pharmaceutical environments, especially when installation time is critical.

This flow applied F System is perfect for creating bold colours to separate different areas and its seamless finish means that our floors are not only exceptionally durable, but also extremely hygienic and easy to maintain / clean.

F System (Freeflow)
F System (Freeflow)
F System (Freeflow)

In environments where enhanced slip resistance is a must, the Degafloor F System can be easily tailored by including additives within the final seal coats that provide the performance required without affecting aesthetics.

The vibrant Degafloor F System offers many benefits, including:


Typical installation areas:

• Warehousing


Please contact us to find out more about the benefits that Degafloor can bring to your project.

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