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In addition to our outstanding range of resin based solutions, Degafloor has always focussed on providing the highest quality tools, consumables and ingredients to ensure that each and every installation can be completed to the highest standard.

Resin flooring, car park system and concrete repair installations should always be conducted by highly trained and skilled operatives. Accordingly, Degafloor only supplies systems to companies that have attended and passed our in-house training courses.

However, regardless of how skilled the operative and how good the resin system, poor quality installation tools and consumables can always impact on the quality of the final finish. In addition, sourcing the correct tools and consumables and having them readily available can be a hassle that distracts from an installer’s core purpose, that being attending site and delivering the very best finish in the agreed timescale.

To overcome these issues, Degafloor has selected the very best consumables and installation tools from across the world, and carry these in stock for sale to all our approved installers. Please visit our tools and consumables page for further information.

One of the key benefits of a resin floor is the ability to create an entirely seamless finish that is visually stunning (whilst still being incredibly durable). Our desire for constant innovation and to be able to offer the very best finishes has resulted in a new partnership with Röhrig, a world renowned German granite supplier. Röhrig extract granite from their wholly owned quarries and process this into some incredibly unique sands and fillers that can deliver stunning finishes without a premium price. To find out more, please visit our Röhrig granite page.

Please contact us to find out more about the benefits that Degafloor can bring to your project.

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