The rail network provides an excellent method for getting from A to B cost effectively. However, many of our stations have not been particularly welcoming, but that is changing as massive investment continues into the station network to improve the passenger experience and the range and quality of catering and retail outlets available.

Improving the passenger experience is not always easy, especially when it comes to the choice of floor finishes. The need for welcoming and pleasant aesthetics and the need for excellent slip resistance and durability have often been in conflict, but Degafloor has been able to meet both requirements by developing bespoke solutions based on our flake system.

Flooring for Rail
Flooring for Rail
Flooring for Rail

Degafloor can also provide solutions for the wider rail industry. Our heavy duty FB and QT systems are ideal for train maintenance facilities, rolling stock manufacturing sites and train wash bays. Additionally, our car park and line marking systems provide great solutions to traffic and pedestrian management, parking and surface marking challenges.

Suitable for almost any rail industry situation, Degafloor resin flooring offers many benefits including:


Typical installation areas:

• Platforms
• Train maintenance facilities
• Main concourse areas
• Toilets
• Retail and catering outlets
• Car parks
• Waiting rooms


To find out how Degafloor fast curing resin finishes could benefit your project, please contact us.

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