Social Housing

Everyone aspires to live somewhere nice, yet until recently many properties in the social housing sector have been sliding into a poor state of repair. This is changing and as investment increases, Degafloor products are helping to make massive improvements in standards, especially in high rise buildings.

It is essential that disruption is kept to a minimum to ensure that residents can continue their daily life virtually unaffected. The ultra fast cure time of Degafloor resin systems enables projects to be completed whilst residents are out during the day. It is entirely possible to start a flooring project at 9am and to be finished in time for residents to gain access to their properties at 5pm.

Resin flooring for Social Housing
Resin flooring for Social Housing
Resin flooring for Social Housing

To ensure resident wellbeing, slip resistant versions of Degafloor systems are used to create bright and welcoming finishes coupled with the safety levels required to cope with the inclement weather that exposed balconies and stairwells can experience.

Our great range of car park, surface marking and line marking solutions are also ideal for the roadways, car parks, play areas and footpaths within any social housing development.

Suitable for almost any social housing project, Degafloor resin flooring offers many benefits including:

Typical installation areas:

• Stairwells
• Footpaths and roadways
• Communal entrance areas
• Play areas
• Corridors and lift lobbies


To find out how the Degafloor fast curing resin finishes could enhance your project, please contact us.

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