Fire and Rescue

Due to the nature and importance of the work conducted by Fire & Rescue services, it is vital that fire stations have good quality flooring that does not present a potential slip hazard (which could result in accidents costing precious time responding to emergency calls).

Traditionally, Fire stations have been built with red quarry tiled floors. Whilst these floors have proved incredibly durable, the low levels of slip resistance provided in wet conditions and a tendency for grout lines to fail has resulted in facilities teams looking for alternatives.

Resin flooring for fire and rescue
Resin flooring for fire and rescue
Resin flooring for fire and rescue

Due to the outstanding slip resistance and seamless finish provided by our heavy duty resin flooring systems, Degafloor has been able to hep many Fire & Rescue authorities overcome their flooring challenges. The fast cure time of our systems is an added bonus as appliance bays or even full tender halls can be completed in just one day minimising disruption. When works are completed at volunteer manned stations, the fast curing nature of Degafloor systems also means that tenders can be secured within the fire station at night, overcoming the security risk of storing such valuable assets outside.

Suitable for almost any fire and rescue environment, Degafloor resin flooring offers many benefits including:


Typical installation areas:

• Tender halls / appliance bays
• Kitchens and canteens
• Muster rooms
• Corridors
• BA rooms
• Welfare areas
• Changing rooms
• Shower areas and toilets


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