Custodial and Prisons

The flooring requirements within prisons and police station custody areas are strict, yet simple. Floors must be tough, hygienic and easy to maintain. Moreover, floor finishes must be extremely difficult to remove so as to avoid them being used as weapons.

Many of our prisons have been built with vinyl sheet floors and whilst these products are durable they can be easily removed which can be expensive at least, or at worst highly dangerous.

Degafloor resin systems overcome these issues making them ideal for prison cell and custody areas. Our Flake System is most widely used and offers the perfect blend of durability, aesthetics, hygiene and safety. This means our flake floors are easy to clean, with options available to provide a light surface texture to enhance slip resistance. Highly textured finishes are not suitable as the inherent roughness may result in prisoners accidently or deliberately harm themselves.

Based on our experience in this sector, we are able to offer a wide range of products that provide outstanding benefits including:


Typical installation areas:

• Cells
• Kitchens and canteens
• Medical and detox wings
• Corridors
• Laundries
• Recreation areas
• Car parks
• Shower areas and toilets

We also offer systems that are perfect for shower areas, kitchens, laundries, recreation areas, Medical facilities and detox wings.

To find out how Degafloor fast curing resin systems could enhance your project, please contact us.

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