With budgets under significant pressure and traffic levels only increasing, local authorities and highways maintenance companies are adopting new and innovative solutions to longstanding problems and challenges.

The days when road repairs and line markings were completed as cheaply as possible to stretch limited budget are fast disappearing.  Instead, decision makers are looking for high performance products that, whilst often initially more expensive, offer far better value long term.

Area marking
Highway road marking
Road repair

Aided by private funding and with a move to long term maintenance agreements with major highways maintenance companies, our local authorities are finding new ways to deliver better roads, without a significant increase in cost to road users.

To assist our customers in delivering outstanding long term value, Degafloor has developed a highly innovative range of highways solutions.  Each system has been carefully designed to offer unrivalled performance in terms of longevity, slip resistance and colour stability.

Therefore, regardless of whether you need a line marking, bus lane, cycle path, pot hole repair or any other marking / repair solution, Degafloor can help.  

The benefits on offer include:


Typical installation areas:

• Anti-skid areas
• Bus lanes
• Carriage line marking
• Village gateways
• Cycle lanes and footpaths
• Pothole repair


To find out how Degafloor fast curing resin finishes could benefit your project, please contact us.

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