Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities require ultra hygienic, often clinically clean environments to ensure that products produced and services offered are totally safe.

Healthcare acquired infections and antibiotic resistant bacteria scares have raised public awareness of potential health risks and driven the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to introduce even more stringent standards. To overcome risk, many specifiers have started to analyse the floor finishes they have traditionally used and are now selecting products that don’t have porous surfaces, welded / grouted joints and other weaknesses.

Healthcare flooring
Healthcare flooring
Healthcare flooring

Degafloor has recognised the need for more hygienic finishes and can offer an outstanding range of products specifically with hygiene and safety in mind.

Suitable for almost any healthcare or pharmaceutical environment, Degafloor resin flooring offers many benefits including:


Typical installation areas:

• Production areas
• Operating theatres
• Laboratories
• Mortuaries
• Kitchens
• Wards / hallways
• Sterile services and pharmacies
• Shower areas and toilets

Clients benefiting from our high performance products include: Glaxosmithkline, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Peterborough District Hospital, Aesica Pharmaceutical and GE Healthcare.

To find out how the Degafloor fast curing resin finishes for healthcare and pharmaceutical environments could benefit your project, please contact us for a chat and to request samples.

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