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Non slip industrial flooring is paramount in the design safe and practical food and drink processing areas.   Additionally, the extremely demanding operating conditions within food and drink manufacturing environments require heavy-duty, waterproof, and hygienic flooring solutions, which adhere to the latest legislation and international hygiene standards (including EU and FDA regulations).

Due to the inherent nature of the food and drink production sector, industrial flooring used for these areas must be food safe, anti-slip, waterproof, highly durable, able to withstand the extremes of temperature, and resistant to heavy impact (fork lift trucks, pallets, product bins). 

Flooring for Food and Drink
Flooring for Food and Drink
Flooring for Food and Drink

To fulfil these requirements Degafloor has developed a range of innovative food safe flooring systems based on ultra-fast curing methyl methacrylate resin technology. The seamless finish of Degafloor factory flooring solutions eliminates the cracks, pinholes and other defects known to harbour dirt and bacteria, making it easy to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for food and drink manufacturing.
Degafloor industrial resin flooring can be installed much faster than most alternative solutions and cures within just two hours of application, after which full use can resume. 

In addition, all Degafloor resin flooring systems are slip resistant, and perform exceptionally well even when exposed to a variety of contaminants, such as hot oils, blood, sugar, and food acids, which can pose real challenges for many traditional factory floor flooring solutions.

Suitable for almost any food or beverage industry situation, Degafloor resin flooring offers many benefits including:


Typical installation areas:

• High and low care processing
• Laboratories
• Packaging halls
• Corridors
• Cold stores and freezers
• Warehouse areas
• Development kitchens 
• Staff amenity areas

As a testament to the high quality of our products, major companies such as 2SFG, Kerry Foods, Vion (formerly Grampian Country Food Group), Accolade Wines and Muller Dairies have chosen our flooring systems to protect their products, processes, and people.

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