Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing environments require tough and durable floor finishes capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions. In many cases floors must also offer outstanding slip resistance to cope with the inevitable and often frequent spills of oil, water and other contaminants.

To meet these challenges, Degafloor offers a range of fast curing heavy-duty resin systems that have been rigorously tested to ensure high performance even in the most challenging conditions. So whether you are looking for exceptional slip resistance, bright durable colours for area demarcation, or incredibly tough solutions for forklift truck routes, Degafloor has the answer.

Engineering & Manufacturing flooring
Engineering & Manufacturing flooring
Engineering & Manufacturing flooring

Suitable for almost any engineering or manufacturing environment, Degafloor resin flooring offers many benefits including:


Typical installation areas:

• Production areas
• Kitchens and canteens
• Warehouses
• Corridors
• Laboratories
• Toilets

Our clients within engineering and manufacturing include companies such as Areva T&D, Pauwels Trafo, Perkins Engines (part of Caterpillar Inc), Solaglas and Procter & Gamble.

To find out how Degafloor fast curing resin systems could enhance your project, please contact us.

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