Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen flooring is subject to rigorous demands. Commercial kitchens are often extremely busy with large numbers of staff working in relatively confined spaces. Under these conditions, safety is paramount, so floors must continue to offer outstanding slip resistance at the extremes of operating conditions (i.e. when spills occur and food debris is present).

Due to the working environment, it is essential that commercial kitchen floors offer exceptional levels of slip resistance. Many of our competitors state slip resistance results for clean floors in dry and wet conditions, but at Degafloor we have completed far more comprehensive tests that allow us to state with confidence that we have a solution, however extreme the conditions.

Commercial Kitchen flooring
Commercial Kitchen flooring
Commercial Kitchen flooring

Traditionally, many commercial kitchen fit-outs have utilised ceramic tiles or vinyl sheet products. However, an increasing number of specifiers and kitchen operators are turning to Degafloor to solve the problems created by failing grouted or welded joints, delamination and the generally poor levels of slip resistance that blight the performance of these traditional floor finishes.

Suitable for almost any commercial kitchen / catering environment, Degafloor resin flooring offers many benefits including:


Typical installation areas:

• Kitchens
• Food preparation
• Dish wash areas
• Stock rooms / chillers
• Toilets

Based on the outstanding product performance and unique two hour cure time our systems provide, industry giants such as Marstons, The Restaurant Group and IKEA rely on Degafloor to help keep their kitchens safe and disruption free.



To find out how the Degafloor fast curing resin finishes for commercial kitchens could benefit your project, please contact us for a chat and to request samples.

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