High Strength Repair Mortar

This is our newest fast curing concrete repair mortar and replaces 50/51 which, for many years, has been the 'go to' solution for ultra fast high strength concrete repair. Designed to cure in as little as 1 hour at temperatures down to 0oC, this system provides compressive strength of circa 85N/mm2 (when cured). 

This system is supplied as a resin component (1.85kg unit size), plus a 15kg bag of filler materials that includes the activator which initiates the curing process. The two components need only be mixed together, although various sizes of bulking aggregates can be supplied to maximise cost effectiveness.

High strength Repair Mortar
High Strength Repair Mortar
High Strength Repair Mortar

High strength Repair Mortar can be applied without the use of a priming coat for DIY installation, although it is recommended that for ultimate durability the system is installed by a specialist contractor using an appropriate primer to achieve the highest bond integrity.

Suitable for application at depths between 6 and 120mm (in a single layer) and at temperatures down to 00C.

When using Degafloor High Strength Repair Mortar you will benefit from:

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