DegasetTM has been designed to deliver a low cost rapid setting repair mortar and floor screed, ideal for use at thicknesses from 5mm upwards.  The unique product formulation allows slump free placement, enabling falls and the most complex of repairs to be completed with ease.  

Designed for professional use only, DegasetTM is supplied as a 1.2kg resin unit, plus a 15kg bag of filler materials that includes the activator which initiates the curing process. The two components need only be mixed together, although various sizes of bulking aggregates can be supplied to maximise cost effectiveness.

DegasetTM can also be pigmented to create a final floor finish (seal coats can be applied to enhance the finish and maximise performance characteristics).

Pothole repair
Pothole repair

Due to the ultra low resin content, a Degafloor primer must first be applied to a prepared substrate to guarantee effective curing. 

When using DegasetTM you will benefit from:


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