Asphalt Crack Repair - Crackfill

Asphalt damage can be caused by a number of factors, including forces of nature and constant heavy traffic. Initial damage often appears as hardly detectable fine hairline cracks, which in time tend to spread and deepen at which point the asphalt is no longer impervious to water.

As water penetrates the cracks, it weakens the foundation of the asphalt structure and the cracks continue to worsen, hence filling cracks at an early stage with a suitable asphalt crack filler repair solution is an essential part of extending the life of any asphalt surface.

Based on advanced fast curing resin technology, Degafloor Crackfill provides a flexible repair solution for cracked and fretted asphalt, whilst also being the ideal solution for failing asphalt joints. The unique cold applied formulation of Crackfill means that little, if any, preparation is required and together with the ultra fast cure time of just 30 minutes, this enables rapid repairs that minimise disruption. The matt finish of the resin and high SRV performance delivers the highest levels of safety.

Fast cure asphalt crack repair crackfill

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